Amanda Slentz(non-registered)
You were absolutely amazing today! Thank you so much! I would love to see one picture before we leave the country tomorrow morning if possible. If not I will be waiting with bated breath for one...

Can't thank you enough to for all you did for me today! Xoxo!

❤️ Mrs. Slentz
Dottie Acosta(non-registered)
Hello everyone

This is my special thank you to each and every one of you that made my daughter and son in law , Kristina's and Eric wedding day so special.

To "The Eventful Gals who had it all together" never missed a beat. Frankie you know how I feel. You were awesome. Did an out standing job. The decorating job was wonderful. Never took a break. Worked so hard all day.

David and Becca your flowers were amazing. You made my daughter so happy with her bouquet. Your arrangements were breath taking. You have a customers for life.

Kerry your food was Devine. Loads of complements. We loved it. You really out did yourself. Come next door and say hi when you visit your aunt and uncle.

Jim your lights looked beautiful. That is where people stayed most of the evening.

Taylor's staff thanks for your patience for letting me change my order a dozen times.

Stephanie, Presley Limo Service, your Limo service was wonderful. You and your husband were so great. So patient to wait an hour while the girls were getting ready at the Hammond. All hoops you had to jump through at the venue.

Sweet Wedding Cake.
Arlene the cake was beautiful and the cup cake display was out of this world. You are awesome.

Jacqueline last but no mean least. You were out of this world. The pictures you have already posted are awesome. You came early for us and stayed until the end. Amazing lady.

I can not thank you all enough for making this day such a beautiful and special day for Kristina and Eric. It was beautiful.

Dottie Acosta
Mother of Kristina.
Ann Narby Ellis(non-registered) are FANTASTIC! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so wonderful! You went above & beyond, and I truly appreciate you. If you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to put me down.
Although your pictures speak were a complete JOY to work with and did whatever you could to accommodate us. Even took care of problems that weren't your responsibility, because you are a fantastic person. I cannot say enough good things about you & your work.
Trust me...I had a good photographer at my wedding, the pictures were good, but he was a jerk. You made the whole process a delight!!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Lucky and Jessica(non-registered)
Your pictures are amazing. Thank you so much. I just looked through the gallery and I literally felt like I was back at that beach getting proposed to all over again! This will be amazing to share with our families.
Jennifer Weisenberger(non-registered)
Jackie did a wonderful job on some family pictures for me a couple months ago. She was awesome with my kids and they loved her. She captured moments for me that I will treasure forever and can't wait to work with her again.
Stefanie Gurganus(non-registered)
Jackie is a wonderful photographer with an awesome personality. I met her 3 years ago while I was her daughters teacher. I decided to use her as a photographer for a girls day photo shoot. We had a great time and have amazing photos to remember the day. Her personality is great that she made us all feel comfortable and like models on a photo shoot for a magazine. The pictures were beautiful and a great memory from the day. I would highly recommend her for any photo needs!! :)
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